15+ Google Tools for Companies That Will Boost Your Business

Google Tools

Currently, Google tools have become essential complements for business administration, since they offer us infinite possibilities to organize products, digitize information, share files in real-time, etc. 

Google applications allow companies to streamline their operational processes in order to become more efficient against the competition. Remember that, today, technological tools are essential to face the demands of the environment. 

But what are the Google Business tools that you need to know to ensure the success of your business? Next, we present a list of the most used Google tools in the business. 

1. Google Analytics

This is one of the best-known Google tools for companies, primarily if you work in digital marketing and social networks. 

Today, we live in the age of immediacy and, thanks to Google applications such as Analytics, we can visualize and measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns almost immediately. 

To understand what Google Analytics is, you should know that this application focuses on analyzing data collected from inserting a code on your web page. Some of its most valuable features are studying users and their behavior, measuring their interactions, and analyzing the performance of communication channels.

The experts affirm that, with a correct study of the platform and a good source of information about your clients, you will be able to take full advantage of this Google tool. Enroll in the Google Analytics and Digital Analytics course to discover how to master all of its features.

2. Google Drive

Surely you already use this Google tool or know people who do. Drive is a cloud storage service that makes it possible to create and edit documents, which you can also share and manage collaboratively in real-time. 

Drive is one of the most powerful Google tools, since it gives you the possibility of working with different types of documents, such as Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets.

As if that weren’t enough, with this Google tool, you’ll have access to your documents from any device that has an Internet connection, whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, or PC.

3. Google Docs

If you have to write many documents every day, it is important that you do it on an efficient platform that allows you to work quickly and comfortably. This Google tool was created precisely for this. 

Google Docs allows you to speed up the work through the creation of documents with smart editing and additional tools to give a specialized format to the text. Also, this free platform from Google has dozens of fonts, images, and drawings to customize your files as you like. 

Even this Google tool offers many templates for resumes, reports, and other pre-made documents so you can streamline your workflow and have more creative designs. 

Finally, Docs allows you to work collaboratively, so you can edit your files together with your team at the same time. To view your documents in this Google tool you must have an internet connection. 

4. Google Slides

If you’ve ever done group presentations for work, you know that you need to coordinate with your team many times to get the final document perfect. Of course, this implies the creation of several drafts. 

So that you don’t saturate your PC’s storage, this Google tool will be your best ally. Google Slides offers you a collaborative platform where your team can add their contribution without having to generate a new document for each modification.  

On the other hand, this G Suite tool puts at your disposal a large number of creative templates, which you can modify according to your needs. Also, you have the possibility to add text, images, transitions, backgrounds, links, etc. 

At the end of the presentation, it can be projected directly, shared to an email, or downloaded in various formats. 

As in the previous cases, this Google tool allows you to access your creations through different devices with an Internet connection. 

5. Google Sheets

Do you want to create a database to store your company information? If so, you must know this great Google tool. 

Google Sheets is an application designed to create, edit and collaborate on your spreadsheets. In addition, this free tool from Google allows you to design databases with colorful charts and tables to highlight your data in an orderly and attractive way. 

Also, it has default formulas and special functions to create pivot tables, as well as other formatting options to quickly customize your online spreadsheet. For example, this Google tool has a wide variety of spreadsheet templates to prepare budgets, schedules, etc. 

Finally, you can work collaboratively and access your information from your favorite device. 

6. Google Meet

Today, video calls are an essential part of communication in the workplace. Although there are many platforms to meet this goal, Meet is one of the most useful Google tools for companies that want to have direct contact with their team on a regular basis. 

This Google tool has many features included. For example, it gives you the ability to create video calls for up to 250 people, record the meeting for those who couldn’t attend, share what you’re doing on your computer screen, and send files. 

Through it, individual codes are generated for each meeting, which can be shared both by copying the link, the code itself, or by email. A great advantage of this Google tool is that meetings can be scheduled in advance through Calendar. We will discuss this application later.

7. Google Forms

If your work requires you to constantly do surveys or questionnaires, it will be very useful to know this Google application. 

Google Forms is an application to create and publish forms, as well as visualize the results graphically. Like previous Google tools, this one is also part of G Workspace and is completely free to use. 

This Google Business app is ideal for any occasion that requires data entry, such as attendance, event registration, sales revenue, surveys, exams, etc. In addition, it is very intuitive, thus allowing you to make these forms very quickly and easily. 

Finally, you should know that the files you create with this Google tool can be easily shared with your team. You just need to copy and paste the link or you can also send it by mail. Also, you do not need any additional application to enter the data.

8. Google Calendar

This is Google’s most useful tool for getting organized. Google Calendar is a virtual agenda that can be linked to the rest of the applications on the server. If you want to use this app, you just need to have a Google account.  

So what are the functions of this Google tool? A calendar allows you to schedule your meetings and events, create reminders, share events, and include your coworkers in them, so everyone can stay on top of the activities they have to do. 

As you can see, the Calendar will be your best ally to organize your time and accomplish your tasks efficiently. For this reason, it is one of the most used Google tools for companies. 

9. Google Ads

If you have a marketing agency or you are dedicated to digital advertising, surely you have heard of Google Ads or you have already used it. This is one of Google’s tools for sales that will help you achieve greater visibility in front of your customers. Therefore, it is key to boost the results of your company.  

The main functions of this Google tool for companies are the following: 

  • Creation, editing, and monitoring of advertising campaigns
  • Ad personalization
  • Analysis and presentation of metrics in real-time
  • Mobile app 

Also, did you know that this Google tool works through the PPC (pay-per-click) mode? This means that you only have to pay for the results you get. 

Since the beginning of the 2000s, this is one of Google’s leading platforms in the field of advertising. So rest assured that Google Ads will make your ads appear every time someone searches for what your brand offers. 

10. Gmail

This is perhaps one of the best-known Google tools on the list. You probably already have a Gmail account yourself that you use for work, school, or personal matters. Gmail is an email service that, in turn, is synchronized with the rest of Google’s tools. 

It is available in more than 50 languages ​​and is compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. In addition, the Google email application has its own built-in search engine and gives you the possibility to organize your emails by means of labels. 

11. Google Tag Manager

Although Google Tag Manager is one of the lesser-known Google tools, it is very useful in the world of digital marketing and business. 

But how can this Google app help you? Tag Manager is a tag management system with which you can manage tracking codes and code snippets without the need to edit JavaScript or HTML code.

As the Tag Manager help page explains :  

“You can use Tag Manager’s web-based user interface to configure tracking tags, define triggers that cause your tag to fire when certain events occur and create variables that can be used to simplify and automate tag configuration options. the tags”.

In conclusion, Google Tag Manager is one of the best Google tools for managing your digital channels as it will help you track your website traffic efficiently. 

12. Google Sites

Do you want to create a website, but you don’t know how? Then Google Sites is the best Google tool for you. This is a free website creation platform, where you can work collaboratively.

Although Google Sites is an application that does not allow you to create websites as elaborate as Wix or WordPress, it is quite easy to use if you are a beginner. For example, you don’t need additional plugins and it can be synced very easily with other Google apps like YouTube, Gmail, and Google Calendar. 

If you work in a computer company or if you are planning to design a website for your brand, this Google tool will definitely help you with it. 

13. Google Alerts

Alerts is a Google application that is responsible for monitoring specific content in the technology company’s search engine. Thus, you will be able to follow up on topics that interest you without having to remember to enter the search engine all the time. 

How does this Google tool work? You just define a phrase that you want Alerts to track and you will receive notifications of new related content directly to your Gmail. 

In addition, it is very customizable, so you can select the content that interests you very easily. This Google tool will be useful to follow the actions of the competition or to identify possible sales opportunities. 

In order for your business to reach more customers, you need to have a good content strategy. For this reason, we recommend Google Trends, a Google tool that focuses on knowing the searches that are trending. 

The main topics of Trends, health, sports, and social stand out; although in this Google tool you can find everything in a matter of seconds. 

In fact, Google Trends allows you to know the search volume of millions of terms both at the city and country levels. Therefore, if you want to know which products or services are most popular near you, this Google tool is the right one. 

15. Google Books 

Every company needs to have a work team that is updated and can respond to the challenges of the moment. If your team is already enrolled for Business, this Google tool will be an excellent complement to their learning. 

Google Books is a search engine specialized in books where you will find a wide variety of reading resources. You only need to type the title of the book or the word of interest and this Google tool will return various results. 

The best thing about this Google platform is that it will show you various options of websites to buy physically or to download in digital format. 

16. Google Keep 

Ideas can come at any time, so it’s important that you have a tool to write them all down. In that sense, Google Keep will save you from more than one creative rush, since it is the perfect Google tool to quickly create notes, lists, photos, and audio in a file. 

This Google app allows you to do the following: 

  • Create reminders based on location or time
  • Preparation of audio notes 
  • Customization of files to facilitate their classification
  • collaborative participation 
  • Synchronization with all different mobile devices

Keep allows you to be on the same page as your co-workers, especially when your team has to coordinate various tasks together. For example, when it’s time to write down the to-dos for the next project in the area, this tool from Google will make the process easier and more efficient. 

17. Google Finance 

This Google tool will keep you up to date with all the news from the financial world. Do not forget that knowing the market trends that may affect your company is necessary to make the right decisions at the right time. 

In addition to knowing the market trends and the financial news of the day, with this Google tool for companies, you can search for information on the most convenient stocks and negotiable funds to invest in.  

18. Google Domains

Finally, we present you with a Google tool that will help you find the perfect domain for your next website. 

Google Domains puts at your disposal a list of more than 300 domains so you can find the one that best aligns with your brand image. Also, this Google tool allows you to build an email alias to make your company look more professional. 

On the other hand, you can also create your site from scratch without knowing anything about web programming. Without a doubt, this Google tool is one of the most complete on the list. 

We hope that today’s article has helped you learn about the best Google tools to optimize the work of your work teams. These Google services will not only allow you to perform faster operational functions and streamline tasks but also work collaboratively remotely. 

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